Premio Venezia

The Premio Venezia

The Foundation Friends of La Fenice aims to promote Teatro La Fenice through editorial activities, conferences, and exhibitions. In 1984, the foundation established the piano competition “Premio Venezia” to nurture young artistic talents.

Teatro La Fenice embraced this initiative and became its primary partner, providing the Apollinee Halls and, for the final two tests, the Grand Hall of the Theatre during the week-long competition.

Initially, only top graduates from the previous year of State Conservatories of Music in the Veneto region, under the age of 24, were eligible to participate. Later, the geographical scope was extended to include the Triveneto area until 1990.

From 1991 onwards, the competition, still focused on the best graduates, became national and expanded to include Accredited Musical Institutes. In the same year, it received the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, who awards a plaque to the winner.

Competitors must navigate four rounds: the selection in the presence of only the Technical Jury, composed of pianists, musicologists, conductors, composers, and music critics. This is followed by three other rounds: Contestants’ Concert, Semifinalists’ Grouping, and Finalists’ Concert. In these subsequent phases, the Technical Jury of six members is joined by the Popular Jury (composed of ten members of Friends of La Fenice), which casts a vote through its President.

Over the years, the Friends of La Fenice Foundation has successfully secured contributions from companies, institutions, and individuals to fund scholarships for the top five winners.

Premio Venezia has established itself as one of the most prestigious national competitions, owing to the numerous scholarships that provide valuable support for pianists’ initial steps in their careers.

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends of La Fenice Foundation, the winners are featured in the concert seasons of major Italian and foreign musical institutions.

The list of Premio Venezia winners includes pianists now renowned nationally and internationally, such as Giuseppe Albanese, Leonora Armellini, Andrea Bacchetti, Mirco Ceci, Fiorenzo Pascalucci, Mariangela Vaccatello, Beatrice Rana, and Alexander Gadjiev.