Restoration Projects

  • 18th-century La Fenice Theater architect Giannantonio Selva’s intricate wooden scale model at a 1:25 scale
  • Strengthening of stucco in the Apollinee Halls
  • Restoration of the curtain in the Malibran Theater, aided by a contribution from Yoko Nagae Ceschina


  • Curtain of the Gran Teatro La Fenice donated by Laura Biagiotti in memory of her husband Gianni Cigna


  • Two Steinway concert grand pianos
  • Two Fazioli concert pianos
  • Two Steinway upright pianos
  • One harpsichord
  • One 5-string double bass
  • One Glockenspiel
  • Wagnerian pipes
  • Multimedia station for the Decentralisation Office


Below are some of the publications promoted by the Friends of La Fenice

  • Il Teatro La Fenice. I progetti, l’architettura, le decorazioni, di Manlio Brusatin e Giuseppe Pavanello, with an essay by Cesare De Michelis, Venice, Albrizzi, 1987, 1996 (after the fire);
  • Il Teatro La Fenice. Cronologia degli spettacoli, 1792-1991, di Michele Girardi e Franco Rossi, with a contribution by Yoko Nagae Ceschina, 2 volumes, Venice, Albrizzi, 1989-1992;
  • Gran Teatro La Fenice, a cura di Terisio Pignatti, with historical notes by Paolo Cossato, Elisabetta Martinelli Pedrocco, Filippo Pedrocco, Venice, Marsilio, 1981, 1984, 1994;
  • L’immagine e la scena. Bozzetti e figurini dall’archivio del Teatro La Fenice, 1938-1992, edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Venice, Marsilio, 1992;
  • Giuseppe Borsato scenografo alla Fenice, 1809-1823, edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Venice, Marsilio, 1995;
  • Francesco Bagnara scenografo alla Fenice, 1820-1839, dited by Maria Ida Biggi, Venice, Marsilio, 1996;
  • Giuseppe e Pietro Bertoja scenografi alla Fenice, 1840-1902, edited by Maria Ida Biggi and Maria Teresa Muraro, Venice, Marsilio, 1998;
  • Il concorso per la Fenice 1789-1790, by Maria Ida Biggi, Venezia, Marsilio, 1997;
  • I progetti per la ricostruzione del Teatro La Fenice, 1997, Venezia, Marsilio, 2000;
  • Teatro Malibran, edited by Maria Ida Biggi and Giorgio Mangini, with essays by Giovanni Morelli and Cesare De Michelis, Venice, Marsilio, 2001;
  • La Fenice 1792-1996. Il teatro, la musica, il pubblico, l’impresa, by Anna Laura Bellina e Michele Girardi, Venezia, Marsilio, 2003;
  • Il mito della fenice in Oriente e in Occidente, edited by Francesco Zambon and Alessandro Grossato, Venice, Marsilio, 2004;
  • Pier Luigi Pizzi alla Fenice, edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Venice, Marsilio, 2005.


Interested in attending the final rehearsals of the operas at La Fenice and Teatro Malibran?

Become a member of the Friends of La Fenice and unlock this exclusive opportunity.

Typically, final rehearsals and ensemble practices are off-limits to the public, reserved solely for theater personnel. However, with conductor approval, these sessions may open up to a broader audience, including staff relatives and selected groups. As part of the latter, Amici della Fenice members enjoy reserved seating for these events.

Members in good standing can reserve their spots by calling 041 5227737, Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, until seats are filled.

To ensure fair access, each member can only sign up for one opera in a row.

Attendance at rehearsals is subject to the conductor’s decision a few days prior. Therefore, two or three days before the scheduled date, registered members should call to confirm their attendance.

Once the rehearsal is confirmed, the list of registered members will be available at the theater box office. Members must present their Foundation membership card when purchasing their ticket.