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Premio Venezia stands as a cornerstone for aspiring young pianists across Italy. With a steadily increasing number of participants and consistently high-caliber performances, its prestige only grows stronger with each passing year. This enduring significance owes much to the approach taken by the Amici della Fenice Foundation, which restricts the competition to the nation’s top graduates, offering a platform for talented newcomers stepping into the demanding world of concert performance.
Another standout aspect that makes this event eagerly awaited and highly desired by young musicians is undoubtedly the prestige of the jury, comprised of esteemed experts and accomplished performers. The substantial audience engagement throughout the competition, not just on the final night but also during the selection rounds and semifinals, solidifies the Prize as one of the most anticipated highlights in the city’s cultural lineup.

In the midst of the intricate and fragile state of Italy’s music scene, initiatives like this give us pause to consider the vital importance of investing in the musical education of the next generation. By honing and nurturing the skills cultivated during their Conservatory years, these budding talents exemplify the resilience and dedication that keep our country firmly positioned at the heart of the global music landscape.
All this is made possible thanks to the relentless dedication of the Friends of La Fenice Foundation, especially their president Barbara di Valmarana. With unyielding enthusiasm, she consistently ropes in new sponsors and donors each year, enhancing the competition with scholarships, prizes, and memorable public performances.
And finally, it’s important to extend our gratitude to the institutions: the Municipality of Venice, the Veneto Region for their crucial support, and the Presidency of the Republic and the Senate, who have been sponsoring the initiative since its inception.

Fortunato Ortombina
Superintendent La Fenice Theatre Foundation

Premio Venezia XXXVIII Edition

First Classified
Nicolò Ferdinando Cafaro

Second Classified
Riccardo Martinelli

Third Classified
Ruggiero Fiorella

Fourth Classified
Vera Cecino

Fifth Classified
Gabriele Bagnati