From 27 October to 1 November 2023, the La Fenice Theatre hosted the XXXIX edition of the National Piano Competition, an event that warmed the hearts of aficionados of classical music.

The selections, which were conducted behind closed doors at the Sale Apollinee of the Theatre, occurred on October 27th, 28th, and 29th, 2023. Anticipation ran high among the participants as they eagerly awaited the results.

On October 30th, the culmination of the event arrived with the concerts featuring the selected candidates, delighting the enthusiastic audience at the auditorium with a diverse display of talents.

The competition reached its apex on October 31st with the performance of the five semi-finalists in the Sala Grande of the La Fenice Theatre. The young aspirants distinguished themselves with their mastery and interpretative sensitivity.

The evening of 1 November was dedicated to honoring the two first prize winners, culminating in a magnificent concert and the highly anticipated prize-giving ceremony. Giacomo Menegardi was declared the winner of the 2023 Premio Venezia while Jakob Aumiller, the second-place winner, received the Alfredo Casella Prize. Fulvio Nicolosi, Giuseppe Marco Daniele, and Antonino Tommaso Nastasi secured the third, fourth and fifth positions respectively, showcasing the exceptional caliber of the participants.

The technical jury, comprising Leonora Armellini, Roberto Calabretto, Roberto Cominati (president), Francesco Fanna, Ana Guijarro and Paolo Pinamonti, faced the challenging task of assessing the candidates’ level of excellence. At the same time, the popular jury, made up of music enthusiasts such as Luigi Benvenuti (president), Paolo Gaito, Gloria Gallucci, Pilar Garcìa, Emilio Melli, Emanuela Notarbartolo di Sciara, Manuela Romei Pasetti, Laura Pertot, Carlo Emilio Tortarolo and Paolo Zanchi, provided additional value with their votes, representing the musical interest and participation of the public.

The La Fenice Theatre, steeped in history and beauty, served as the perfect stage to celebrate musical talent and passion for the piano. The XXXIX edition of the Premio Venezia, the National Piano Competition, left an indelible musical impression on the hearts of those fortunate enough to participate and applaud the many young talents, many of whom were testing their abilities for the very first time…Courage! and best wishes to them all.